Alex Lloyd interviews Iraq veteran Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare.

Life on the Line tracks down Australian war veterans and records their stories. Dr Sharon Mascall-Dare is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author, and has deployed to Iraq with the Australian Army. Sharon has worked for the BBC, Radio France International and the ABC's Radio Australia, presenting news coverage of war and peacekeeping operations in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. She has a PhD in communication and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of South Australia. Her area of research is ethnographic journalism and journalistic ethics in regards to coverage of veterans' affairs and Anzac commemoration. Sharon is a Major in the Australian Army Reserve, working now as a Public Affairs Officer with Headquarters 9th Brigade. She deployed to Iraq in 2016-17. Sharon began conducting veteran interviews for LIFE ON THE LINE in 2018. She also runs StoryRight, a veterans employment support program.

Sharon has told part of her own story of service previously on this podcast, in Christmas on the Line.

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